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Core Lighting

We stock an extensive range of Core wireless lights from across the range with all the wireless accessories necessary to put light anywhere.  Core lights are extremely bright and colourful and use the latest wireless control and rechargeable litium batteries in a compact and lightweight package.

Sleek enough for indoors and robust enough for outdoor, these lights are used to transform anything from small parties to large corporate functions, weddings, architectural and safety lighting. The combination of battery and wireless control makes them truly portable, enabling extremely fast setup and deployment with no cables, thus creating a safer and more attractive environment.

Bright enough to light up interiors and exteriors of buildings, trees, paths/roadways as well as marquees and exhibition stands, Core wireless lights can ne used anywhere and with an IP rating allowing coninued exterior use.  Vibrantly coloured LED output RGBW (Red, Green, Blue & White) up to a floodlight with the highest output currently available on the market with an output of 7500 lumens.  Water resistance to IP65 and wireless solutions W-DMX Control with Master/Slave operation. One unit can be set as master to control many slave units. Also WiFi control from a smartphone/iPhone/iPod Touch/Laptop.