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Why go Wireless

Common perceptions are that wireless is an expensive alternative to traditional lights however our lights have a performance that often exceeds many mains powered devices with the benifit of limitless creativity and flexibility.

  • High Output (2500lm)
  • RGB + White for excellent colour mixing.
  • Battery powered, last longer than 12 hours in most applications
  • Integrated Wireless DMX receivers
  • Integrated charger, no need to return to charging station, just plug in
  • Various beam angles from 6 – 60 degrees
  • Can be controlled from laptop/PDA/phone through web browser


  • Very fast deployment and setup
  • No cabling required
  • Minimises Health and Safety hazards, no cables or heat
  • Lights located in previously impossible locations.
  • Astetically desirable design.
  • Branding opportunities on coloured/mirrored shrouds.

We also have a full range of Wireless DMX transmitters and receivers to complement the Core range enabling you to make all your equipment wireless.