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LED Animation

Recent Investment in LED animation technology is allowing us to bring an entirely new dimension to event lighting and explore new areas in lighting design, creativity and experiential effects.

The possibilities of this technology are endless so please get in touch for a quote and to discuss your ideas on 0845 0580558 and to request further product details and an application fact sheets.


Using both 1m and 2m LED animation pixel tubes allows bespoke lighting installations in both two and 3 dimensions.  Every high powered pixel can be individually controlled provide the maximum flexibility and creativity possible with 360 degree visibility.

The tubes are suitable for use inside and outdoors and with a small diameter can disappear into an installation until they lit then creating the effects of light floating in thin air.  With the ability to interact with external sensors, video content, lighting desks and media servers their is no limit to how they can be integrated.



Based on a similar system to the tubes and sharing all the same advantages for water resistance the fully controllable bobble strings have a 30mm frosted ball every 12cm  and can be connected to make strings of custom lengths.

These can be attached, wrapped and strung between your bespoke designs or suspended to create an video wall in any orientation and with any curves.